Zhejiang's living legend: Chen Meifeng at 110

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated :2024-02-28


Chen Meifeng, one of the oldest resident in Zhejiang province, plays with her pet dog. [Photo/app.qz123.com]

One of the oldest residents in Zhejiang province currently lives in Jiangshan, a county-level city in Quzhou. Born on Aug 10, 1914, Chen Meifeng has reached the remarkable age of 110.

According to her youngest son, Jiang Xinfu, her outgoing nature and hospitality are the secrets to her longevity. Chen has always been known for her warm hospitality. Throughout her younger years, her family's doorstep saw a constant flow of visitors. Whether acquainted with them or not, Chen would invariably extend an invitation for tea or a meal before their departure.

Chen also enjoys lively activities. When she was young, she would eagerly attend any movie screenings or theatrical performances in the village. Even after retiring, she couldn't sit still. During the day, she's hardly at home — picking wild vegetables, strolling through the market, and traveling with her siblings to explore the wider world.

Jiang stated that a composed mindset, respect and care from her children and grandchildren, consistent eating patterns, and an enduring curiosity for new experiences are the "treasures" for his mother's healthy and long life.

The other two 110-year-old seniors in the province live in Wanyao village, Rui'an, Wenzhou, and Linping district in Hangzhou.