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City brand logo - fist-and-palm salute

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated :2018-11-30


The brand logo of Quzhou city uses creative elements of the Quzhou map and an image of Confucius giving a salute, which promotes the theme that Quzhou is a holy land of the southern branch of Confucius’s descendants and a place of courtesy.

The Quzhou map is transformed into a fist-and-palm salute by means of artistic design. The visual image of fist-and-palm salute represents the profundity of courtesy culture. The map integrates two districts, a county-level city, and three counties of Quzhou, indicating the unification and cooperation of all Quzhou people to develop the city into an energetic and beautiful place.

The logo includes the spatial image of giving a fist-and-palm salute, which is dignified and modest, and is also full of vigor and vitality. The logo, with a gradient of yellow, green and blue colors, shows Quzhou as a place with pure sunshine, green hills, clean water and colorful paddy fields.

The simple, unadorned and seal character-style strokes of the logo highlight the profound history and culture of Quzhou as a thousand-year-old ancient city.

The logo is designed with compact internal structure and simple shape. The fingers are interlaced to form a crisscross network, implying the favorable location of Quzhou at the junction of Zhejiang, Fujian, Anhui and Jiangxi provinces. The pattern also echoes the shape of the Chinese character “衢 (Qu)”, and is in harmony with the characters “衢州有礼”, which means Quzhou is a city of virtue.