Quzhou doctor provides aid to Africa

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated :2023-03-30

Xue Ping, deputy chief physician of the acupuncture and massage department of Quzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, was a member of the 27th batch of Chinese medical workers to Mali and spent 18 months there.

Mali is the second largest country in west Africa. Since 1968, China has been sending medical teams to the continent, and Zhejiang is mainly responsible for assisting Mali.

In 2020, Xue, then 52 years old, volunteered to become a member of the medical aid team in Africa. As a senior doctor engaged in clinical work for more than 30 years, Xue Ping boasts excellent acupuncture and massage techniques.

In 18 months, the medical team treated more than 500 Chinese patients infected with Omicron and Delta strains, and more than 99 percent of patients were successfully cured, said Xue.

"When we work, we also teach and train local doctors," added Xue. During their time in Africa, the medical team members established strong friendships with the local people. After returning to China, Xue and his apprentice in Africa maintained contact and exchanged greetings during holidays.

Recalling his time in Africa, Xue said it was an opportunity to broaden his knowledge and horizons and hone his skills, which benefited his medical career. He also believes that it is the responsibility of every TCM practitioner to promote TCM internationally.


Xue Ping receives an award from the Malian Ministry of Health. [Photo/qz123.com]