Southern Confucianism intl exchange activity held in Beijing

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated :2023-02-28

The Southern Confucianism international exchange activity was held on Feb 24 at the Jintai Art Museum in Beijing, according to local media reports.

Diplomatic and consular staff from 11 countries, including Venezuela, Palestine, Dominica, South Africa, El Salvador, Mexico and Uruguay, as well as representatives of the sinology youth study camp from various countries attended the activity.

"Quzhou is a very beautiful city with a deep cultural heritage," said Joël Bellassen, chief superintendent of Chinese Language of the Ministry of National Education of France, through video-link during the activity.

In 1129, the descendants of Confucius moved to Quzhou along with Emperor Gaozong of the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279) from Qufu in Shandong province while fleeing the invading army.

Since then, Quzhou has served as the second largest center for studying, interpreting and spreading Confucian concepts in southern China.

Every year, a memorial ceremony is held to commemorate the birthday of Confucius at the Quzhou Confucius Temple in Quzhou.

Quzhou also holds a series of activities for "South Confucius Culture Season" every September, carrying out North-South Confucius cultural exchange activities with Qufu and inviting sinology scholars from all over the world to Quzhou for further exchange.