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Quzhou promotes construction of child-friendly city

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated :2023-01-04

Quzhou in East China's Zhejiang province is currently striving to become a child-friendly city.

Becoming a child-friendly city is expected to improve people's lives and the growth and development of children.

On Oct 17, 2022, the Implementation Plan of Quzhou for Promoting the Construction of a Child-friendly City was issued.

The city is currently carrying out research on urban planning suitable for children and making suggestions for child-oriented reforms.

The optimization of children's public activity spaces plays an important role in the reform. Parks will be transformed to increase outdoor activity space and recreational facilities for children and child-friendly bus lines will be opened.

The development of 82 child-friendly pilot units including hospitals, schools, communities, buses and shopping centers is being rolled out in the city.

In addition, a children observation mission consisting of 21 child volunteers was set up on Oct 14, 2022 to collect opinions and suggestions from children and people from all walks of life on the development of a child-friendly city.

On Dec 4, 2022, the city held a dialogue between children observation mission members and officials of more than 10 departments and units, including the education bureau and public security bureau, to hear opinions and suggestions from children.

The suggestions proposed by the children's representatives, such as "installing direct drinking water in parks", "setting up special reading areas for children in libraries" and "building a mobile library in the community to share books", have been adopted and implemented.