​Quzong Zongzi popular in Quzhou

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated :2022-06-02

Quzong Zongzi (sticky rice dumplings), a food shop specializing in handmade zongzi in Quzhou, East China's Zhejiang province, is very popular among local residents, especially around the Dragon Boat Festival, according to local media reports.


Liu Shedingying, founder of Quzong Zongzi, makes zongzi. [Photo/qz828.com]

Founded in 2012, Quzong Zongzi has been selling handmade zongzi for 10 years.


Liu Shedingying and her Quzong Zongzi. [Photo/qz828.com] 

In 2021, Quzong Zongzi was listed as an intangible cultural heritage item of Kecheng district, and the shop's zongzi have also been sold in Hebei, Heilongjiang and Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region since then.

Zongzi's fillings include sticky rice, streaky pork, taro, pickled vegetables, chestnut, egg yolk, red bean paste, jujube and lotus seeds. The entire process consists of dozens of procedures.

The most iconic type of zongzi sold at Quzong Zongzi is the taro zongzi. A whole piece of streaky pork and taro mixed with bean paste are sandwiched into sticky rice, resulting in a soft and glutinous taste.

In addition, Lin Liya, Liu Shedingying's daughter, has been promoting Quzong Zongzi to customers from all over the world with the help of online platforms such as Douyin, a short-video platform.

In just three years, Lin shot 1,679 short videos on the making of zongzi.