Zhejiang helps low-income farmers

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated :2022-05-20

The per capita disposable income of low-income farmers in 26 mountainous counties of Zhejiang province was 4,366 yuan ($653.76) in the first quarter of this year, up 14.2 percent, 1.3 percentage points higher than the overall provincial growth rate, local media reported on May 20.

Zhejiang province has launched a series of industrial assistance projects for low-income farmers in 26 mountainous areas to increase their incomes.

For example, Kaihua county in Quzou has accelerated the promotion of a number of industrial assistance projects focusing on areas like the red sorghum industry and apiculture. Low-income farmers can choose from various industrial assistance projects according to their own abilities and interests.

In the first quarter, the per capita disposable income of low-income farmers in Kaihua stood at 4,394 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12 percent.

In addition, to further enhance income generation from such projects, Kaihua county has provided 268.7 million yuan in rural vitalization subsidies this year to date.