Zhejiang primary schools explore intercity cooperation

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated :2022-03-21


An English lesson conducted by Shaoxing's Keqiao Primary School is livestreamed to Hengtai Primary School in Jiangshan county-level city, Quzhou on March 18. [Photo/WeChat account: kqxx1902]

The Keqiao Primary School in Shaoxing and Hengtai Primary School in Quzhou teamed up on March 18 to share education resources and integrate regional education development in Zhejiang province.

The initiative saw Keqiao Primary School's experienced teachers becoming instructors for 10 young teachers at Hengtai Primary Schools at a ceremony held online.


Teachers and students of the two schools are paired up at an online ceremony on March 18. [Photo/WeChat account: kqxx1902]

Dai Xiaoping, principal of Keqiao Primary School, said that the cooperation has specific goals and tasks under Zhejiang's "double reduction" policy, which requires all students to complete their written homework in school.

Wei Youqin, an English teacher at Keqiao Primary School, said she will share her experience and knowledge with young teachers.


Wei Youqin conducts an English lesson on March 18. [Photo/WeChat account: kqxx1902]