​6 Quzhou projects named provincial common prosperity projects

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated :2022-03-09

Six projects in Quzhou, East China's Zhejiang province were named provincial common prosperity projects and have obtained a combined 42.5 million yuan ($6.69 million) in subsidies from the Zhejiang Reservoir Resettlement Office, local media reported on March 8.

Receiving a combined 200 million yuan in investment, the projects are expected to benefit 15,200 immigrants in 125 migrant villages, resulting in a collective income of 16.9 million yuan for migrant villages.

One of the projects – the Garden street Xinjiang village reservoir resettlement – will consist of eight characteristic cultural centers responsible for holding art exhibitions and events. They are expected to generate an annual rental income of 800,000 yuan and benefit 457 immigrants.

In Huren village, Gaojia town, Qujiang district, a 58-mu (3.86-hectare) orchard integrating agriculture and tourism will be with a focus on sustainable development. It is expected to add 2 million yuan to the collective village income and benefit 63 immigrants.

Two buildings will be built in Zhanjia town to be rented as business properties and are expected to increase annual collective income by 64,500 yuan for 20 villages and provide 100 jobs.

In addition, a modern agricultural demonstration base, an office building and a trade building, as well as a cultural and creative industrial park, will be built in Qinghu street, Huibu industrial park and Tongcun town to increase the incomes of immigrants.