Quzhou city taps 'she-power' to boost common prosperity

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated :2021-12-15

衢州 她力量_副本.jpg

Some of the best-selling snacks go on display at the bazaar in Quzhou. [Photo/qz.zjol.com.cn] 

"She-power" is said to be defined as the power of women in all aspects of our society -- which includes the basic power of females, the integrated power of females and males and the power that males get from females. It’s been said that She-power is having a greater influence on the economy, culture and society as the social status, educational background and consuming capacity of women  has grown in recent years in China.

A local pop-up bazaar check – called "taste of mom's homemade" -- was held on Dec 9 at the local international future community in Puli village in Lianhua town, administered by the check Qujiang district of Quzhou city, in East China's Zhejiang province, according to local media reports.

Twenty-six delicacies from all areas of the city participated in the on-site and online activity, with the focus on livestreaming sessions aimed at enabling netizens to learn about the savvy resourcefulness  of local women through the online platform.    

"The store has been running well and is now selling products online," said Fang Guoying, one of the participants.

"Local women received training on how to sell products online. They participated in various exhibition and marketing activities and made great profits," Fang added.