Quzhou Digital Industrial School of Zhejiang Province

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated :2021-06-04


The impressive entrance to the Quzhou Digital Industrial School of Zhejiang Province [Photo/zj.zjol.com.cn]

The Quzhou Digital Industrial School of Zhejiang Province – a former secondary vocational school in Changshan county, which is administered by Quzhou city in East China's Zhejiang province – is aiming to adapt to the wider trend of digital reform and transformation. To do so, it has established three key major academic disciplines in intelligent manufacturing, modern services and information technology.

Expand, boost tech majors

The school has set itself the new goal of cultivating and improving student competitiveness, to meet the growing demand for technical and service-oriented personnel in the digital industry.

The school initiated the reform of the CDIO engineering education model for its numerical control technology major, developing courses within a framework of four areas: concepts, designs, implementation and operations.

Integration of industry, education serves local development

A major for modern housekeeping services and management course started last autumn. The school has included teaching high-quality housekeeping skills within the scope of its academic syllabus.

"This major mainly focuses on the two directions of preschool education trustees and future community service, training future community managers and further broadening the connotation and extension of housekeeping services," said the head of the school.

Multiple measures to enhance student skills

The school's teachers actively participate in business training – where, on the one hand, they can accumulate practical work experience and on the other hand, they can improve their practical teaching abilities and combine pedagogical theory with teaching practice.