Explore Taiwan pavilion at Quzhou ornamental stone exhibition

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated :2019-04-18


Hualien produces the most gorgeous rose stones in the world for its special geological conditions. [Photo/qz123.com]

The Changshan Ornamental Stone Exhibition is set to establish a pavilion to showcase exquisite stones from Taiwan, local media reported on April 17.

The pavilion includes three parts, namely, 160 pieces or sets of fine stones, 45 pieces of stone works by three Taiwan jade carving masters, and 30 sets of stone delicacies from Taiwan collectors.

The Changshan county in Quzhou will host the exhibition from April 25 to May 2 in collaboration with Hualien, a city in Taiwan.


Fengtian jade or Taiwan jade originates in a Hualien county and its scientific name is Nephrite. Such kind of jade is usually used as decorations. [Photo/qz123.com]


The vivid dim sums are carved by native Taiwan jages. [Photo/qz123.com]