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Free to Tour Quzhou Attractions activity begins

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated :2019-04-01


Tianji Longmen Scenic Area, one of 14 scenic spots in Quzhou which are free to tourists. [Photo/qz96811.com]

The Free to Tour Quzhou Attractions activity in 2019 began on March 30, according to the Quzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Television.

A total of 14 local scenic spots are included in the activity, including Lanke Mountain, Yaowang Mountain or King of Medicine Mountain, Tianji Longmen Scenic Area, Longyou Grottoes, Longyou Residential Buildings, Jianglang Mountain, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, Xianxia Gate, ancient Nianbadu town, ancient Qingyang village, Fugai (Floating Cap) Mountain, Sanqu Stone Forest, Meishudi village, Qianjiangyuan National Forest Park, and the Root Palace Buddhist Cultural Tourism Zone.

Except for national legal holidays and weekends, all the above scenic spots are free to tourists.

From November to December 2019, all the scenic spots will be open to Quzhou residents free of charge.

All the above attractions are always free to soldiers on service and firefighters in China, provincial or State-level model workers, direct relatives of organ donors, senior visitors above 70 years old and Quzhou visitors with disabilities.

Launched in 2018, the Free to Tour Quzhou Attractions activity has generated an extra 1.06 billion yuan ($157.55 million) for the city's tourism industry, bringing its annual revenue to 53.22 billion yuan, up by 18.41 percent year-on-year.


With a history of more than 900 years, ancient Nianbadu town is home to 36 intact residential buildings built in the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing dynasties (1644-1911). [Photo/qz96811.com]