Photographer shoots free family portraits during Spring Festival

By Shang Zhen| chinadaily.com.cn| Updated :2019-02-12


    Chen takes portraits for Zhou Xiao's family, Feb 4, 2019. [Photo by Shang Zhen / chinadaily.com.cn]   

'I couldn't find a proper portrait of my grandmother'

But the first time the idea occurred to Chen was actually when his grandmother died. He couldn't even find a proper portrait of his grandmother at that time, which was a huge pity for him. So he decided to offer free photo shoots for the elderly during Chinese New Year.

After posting this plan online, he received much feedback, but most people expressed a desire to have a family photo taken. Chen thought it was also meaningful to help record a happy moment for a family rarely reunited. So, in 2012, with his camera, flashlight, tripod and laptop, he started the journey of shooting free family portraits in the city during Chinese New Year.

"The biggest change I observed in Chinese New Year is that people are more willing to share their family photos instantly on social media platforms. So I usually edit photos on the spot right after I finish shooting, so they could receive their photos within a few minutes."

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