Photographer shoots free family portraits during Spring Festival

By Shang Zhen| chinadaily.com.cn| Updated :2019-02-12


    Chen Tangkan's grandfather. [Photo by Chen Tangkan/for chinadaily.com.cn]   

Growing up in a family where all the men have worked as police, Chen has experienced a much simpler Spring Festival compared to others.

"I come from a police family. My late grandfather was a policeman, and my father as well as my younger brother are also police. I'm the one that chose to do something else," which for him meant becoming a professional photographer.

Chen Tangkan's father Chen Hefu joined the army in his early years, and later transferred to the police station of Quzhou to work as a policeman. In order to ensure the safety of citizens and let other young colleagues go home to reunite with family for Chinese New Year's Eve, Chen Hefu always volunteered to be on duty during that evening, so Chen Tangkan and his mother would come to the police station and have a family dinner there together.

"Our dinner is usually very simple because my dad has to return to his duty on time. Considering that I don't have any other activities, I thought it was a good idea to shoot free family portraits for citizens."

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