Savor New Year's flavor of cooled candy rice

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated :2019-01-21


The cooled candy rice is ready for sale after the maker cuts them into small cubes. [Photo/qz96811.com]

Cooled candy rice is the most popular snack at Quzhou's annual New Year's Shopping Festival which is being held from Jan 14 to 27 at the city's Convention and Exhibition Center.

Compared to the numerous booths, the cooled candy rice made by a Kaihua native is particular attractive to festival-goers with its six different flavors, crunchy taste, rich fragrance of rice.

Here's the making process.

Stir fry appropriate vegetable oil, malt sugar, xylitol and white sugar in a wok, pour some shortening to them after the color of the mix turns darker, and then continue to stir fry.

When the color of the mix becomes earthy yellow and the mix itself becomes glutinous, the sweet water is ready.

Turn off the fire, pour the already fried rice, sesame, peanut and other ingredients to the sweet water, and then stir them well.

Pour the cooled candy rice to a mould, flatten it with a rolling stick and then cut the candy rice into cubes for sale.