Savor New Year's flavor of zongzi

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated :2019-01-18


The shapes of zongzi vary in China. Quzhou zongzi is approximately tetrahedral. [Photo/qz96811.com]

Zongzi is a necessary dish for Quzhou residents during Spring Festival although it is traditionally eaten during Dragon Boat Festival, which falls on the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar.

In the chilly weather, to eat a steaming zongzi stuffed with different fillings is quite an enjoyment.

The following are the specific procedures for making zongzi.

Soak the clean glutinous rice for three to four hours and then pour rap oil and secret sauce into the drained rice.

Local families have their exclusive recipes for the sauce, making each house's zongzi different from others.

Chop the fresh pork into small pieces, pour salt and soy sauce onto the chopped pork, and then stir well.

Prepare two pieces of reed leaves, smooth side up. Place the smaller one slightly to the left and on top of the larger pieces. Layer two leaves together and fold them up at the center of the leave on top to form a cone.

Fill the cone with a spoon of glutinous rice at the bottom. Then add two or more pieces of pork, a salted duck egg yolk and other fillings. Cover the fillings with two spoons of glutinous rice.

Hold the cone with one hand to secure its shape. Fold down the leaves to close the cone. Press it firmly, so it will not fall apart and get a tight seal.

Fold the extra leaves to one side of the zongzi. Lastly, secure the shape of the zongzi with a twine.

Put the wrapped zongzi in boiling water and after the water has boiled again, cook them over high heat for three hours.