Oriental Hotel Changshan

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated :2018-11-26


Oriental Hotel is situated by the Dongming Lake in Changshan county, covering more than 40 mu (26,666 square meters).

With a floorage of 40,000 sq m, it is a four-star hotel of the Quzhou Oriental Group.

The hotel is located on the foot of a mountain and next to a lake. Consisting of a main building and three ancillary buildings, the hotel was divided into four areas.

It has more than 210 guests, 16 dining compartments and 11 meeting rooms.

The largest meeting room in the hotel can hold some 600 people at the same time and is the most luxurious and functional facility in the west of Zhejiang province.


There are all kinds of entertainment facilities, such as karaoke, sauna, foot bath, fitness room and chess and card clubs.

In its E Zone, there are high-end villas, which house luxury presidential suites and dining compartments. The hotel is a good choice for both holiday and business meetings, as the national highway No 320 is linked with Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, as well as Sanqing Mountain and Wuyuan, two popular tourist destinations in Jiangxi province passes by the hotel.

Besides appealing dishes, it also has a good aesthetic sentiment for decoration in its Chinese restaurant and 12 compartments, which can cater to the taste of locals and visitors.

Tel: +86-570-5666888

Restaurant reservation: +86-570-5669977

Postcode: 324200

E-mail: csdf20121218@163.com

Address: No 1, Jinshi East Road, Tianma subdistrict, Changshan county, Quzhou city