Longyou International Grand Hotel

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated :2018-11-26


Longyou International Grand Hotel is a four-star hotel that offers accommodation, catering, entertainment and conference facilities in Quzhou’s Longyou county. 

Situated in the central business district of the county, it adjoins the Rongchang Square in the east and Qujiang River in the west, about three kilometers from Longyou Grottoes and two kilometers from Longyou High-speed Railway Station. 

It boasts excellent geographical location, convenient transportation and elegant environment. The hotel has 181 luxury rooms and suites, seven conference rooms, Chinese and Western restaurants, high-end clubs, gym facilities, large parking lots and other ancillary services.

Its restaurants can host high-end banquets with European style comfortable facilities. There is a Chinese restaurant, a banquet hall and 20 VIP compartments, which can accommodate nearly 1,500 people at the same time.

The seafood restaurant offers guests delicacies and dishes from all over the world, which can lead diners to endless aftertastes.

Tel: +86-570-7398888

Postcode: 324400

E-mail: 725324157@qq.com

Address: No 598, Rongchang Avenue, Longzhou sub-district, Longyou county