Jianglang Mountain

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated :2018-11-26


Jianglang Mountain, a World Natural Heritage Site, national scenic spot and AAAA-level tourism site, is located in the southwest of Jiangshan city, Zhejiang province and lies at the foot of northern Xianxia Mountains and the junction of Zhejiang, Fujian and Jiangxi provinces.

As a Danxia landform masterpiece, it is in the old-age phase of the landform’s life cycle and is an example of the Danxia landform characterized by high isolated peaks.

There are three unique tourist attractions:

Three Valves Stone

Three Valves Stone is the most highly praised natural wonder in Jianglang Mountains. The isolated Danxia peak (Three Valves Stone) that splits into three pieces is an awe-inspiring natural monument, a spectacular symbolic landscape and a Danxia landform masterpiece.

Yixiantian (A Gleam of Sky)

A Gleam of Sky is a steep narrow gorge between Yafeng Peak and Lingfeng Peak, both of which are about 300 meters high as two parallel walls, as if it was cut by an ax, giving unparalleled magnificence. It was also honored as the top Yixiantian scenery in China.

A Paradise Trip on Langfeng Peak

Visitors can get to the top of Langfeng Peak after climbing 3,500 steps with an average slope of 88 degrees upwards. On the top, people can appreciate the magnificent mountains and rivers in cool breeze.